I decided to do some gesture drawings last night, and I ended up using 6 pages out of my sketchbook because I was really learning from it.
The first 2 pages were definitely drawn looser than the rest. I wasn’t focused on getting the shape right because that didn’t matter at the time, so I used ovals and circles. Here, i was getting a feel the the individual shapes within the wooden figures and how they interacted with one another. I was learning how to see angle and the proportions of each joint and limb in relation to one another.

The next 2 pages, I decided to be more particular with my shapes because my hand had become comfortable drawing the figures. I definitely had difficulty drawing the legs and the feet, I kept drawing them at the wrong angle, but I was using a pen so I couldn’t erase it. And that’s another thing, I was using pens instead of pencils so I can force myself to see my mistakes straight on. An eraser would have prevented me from seeing my actual skills and improvement. I was also using pens because I wasn’t too focused on shading, just more on plain shapes.

So I when became really comfortable drawing the figures, that’s when I decided to use actual photo references. I googled ballerinas, because they’re crazy humans, but also because their bodies are perfect for this exercise. Ballerinas who train extensively for years focus on ever part of body. I definitely notice that they’re very particular about their form and what angles to bend their knees at, where to position their arms and also their feet. they have really long limbs(or so it seems) so I was able to notice the length of their arms in relation to their torso, bum and legs. I definitely became better that being able to see shapes of the wooden within the ballerinas’ bodies. Later I went in with a brush tip marker and drew their actual bodies. This exercise was extremely helpful and is a great way to learn how to learn bodies.

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How To Look Good In Every Photograph

I read this back before sophomore year… it really helps, and i know a bunch of people who aren’t photogenic. 

And trust me, it’s not what you think it is. 

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